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Get A NO-JUNK SEO Plan for Your Junk Removal Business That Generates Highly-Targeted and Exclusive Junk Removal Leads Like Clockwork

  • You have a beautiful new website, but you’re not getting leads from it

  • You are currently paying for SEO services, but not getting any results from it

  • You’re getting tired of having to explain your Junk Removal services to your marketing agency

  • You can’t find your business online when you Google for meaningful search terms

  • Your sales are stagnant

  • You are getting more leads from Google Ads than from your SEO

  • You’re wondering why you’re competitors are landing more jobs from Google and you’re not

  • You are not confident in your current SEO strategy and don’t even know where to start

Secure Your Long-Term Success

Are you having ZERO rankings on Google Search or you are looking to take your current Google rankings to the next level? If the answer is ‘YES’, you need a strategic plan that will not get your website or Google Maps listing penalized. Junk Removal Marketing Pro will help you implement a strategy that will ensure your long-term success and positive ROI with SEO.

Rank for The Right Keywords

Looking for success with SEO? We have the best keyword research and keyword targeting strategy to help you rank in organic search and on the maps. Junk Removal Marketing Pro will help you implement a strategy that will ensure you long-term success and positive ROI with SEO.

More Calls & More Projects

If you want the best leads for your junk removal business, get to the top of the Google search results. Get an SEO strategy for your junk removal business that will increase your leadflow and inbound conversions from targeted traffic. Junk Removal Marketing Pro will help you implement an SEO strategy that will ensure you get more leads, book more estimates and win more projects.

How Our SEO Agency for Junk Removal Companies Can Help Your Business

At Junk Removal Marketing Pro, we have years of experience with tested and proven SEO methods that drive results for junk removal companies with the help of keyword research, content creation, link building, website optimization, local maps optimization, and more.

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Junk Removal Keyword Research

Our Junk Removal Keyword Research Service is a super helper that finds the right keywords for your website. We look at the services you provide and find the relevant keywords that represent you ensuring the right people can find your website easily.


Competitive Analysis

We do an in-depth competitive analysis to create a tailor-made and winning SEO strategy. Unlike most competitors, we not only use automated tools but also analyze the context to get meaningful data and leverage it to maximize your revenue with SEO.


Technical Website Audit

We do an in-depth website audit ensuring that the junk removal business website is SEO and Google-friendly. We have observed a drastic improvement in SEO performance by improving the technical side.


On-Page Optimization

We improve everything on the website that affects your rankings. Optimization ranges from meta descriptions, title tags, and internal linking to UX optimization.


Content Optimization

We create content that provides value to the reader. It’s easy to read and relevant, and no other website has the same.


UX / Speed Optimization

We ensure your website is ready to meet the new speed and user experience standards by Google. We optimize your website's speed and user experience which will help you gain higher rankings and more leads.


Online Directory Listing Optimization

We ensure your business information, NAP is correct and consistent across different online directories. This helps people find you more easily when they're searching for someone to remove their junk.


Google Business Profile Optimization

We help you dominate your service area by positioning your services in all your top service areas, ensuring you're casting a wide net and generating leads from all your desired serviced areas.


Authority Link Building

A link is a vote for your website by others. High-quality backlinks help you rank on search engines. It helps search engines understand your website better and categorize it in the relevant industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Junk Removal SEO

How to Do SEO for Junk Removal Companies?

Our programs is designed for established and growing junk removal companies with the capacity to handle the influx of leads and take on more business over the first 12 months.

How Long Does SEO Take?

There are multiple factors such as competition in your industry, the size of your website, and the strength of your existing online presence that affects the time it takes to see results. However, most companies see significant improvements in their search rankings within 6-12 months of starting an SEO campaign.

What is the Difference Between SEO & Google Ads?

Organic (SEO) results receives a majority of the clicks on any given Google search compared to Google Ads. However, Google Ads are much quicker to launch and see an immediate result and impact. You need to pay Google in order to be seen on Google with Google Ads. Organic results are a result of the SEO efforts that are put into the site for example off page and local business listings. Our core marketing programs for junk removal businesses include a combination of BOTH SEO and Google Ads for maximum Google traffic and effective results.

What Type of Website Works Best for SEO?

We have seen great results with WordPress websites, but have had success with a variety of website builders like Wix and Squarespace. In our SEO programs, we will include a new WordPress site as part of our deliverables.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of SEO varies on multiple factors such as the market and the competitiveness of your area. It will be easier to rank in a less competitive market requiring lesser investment. Any good SEO will not be cheap, as it involves a lot of quality work in order to get real results and for them to stick. Please book a strategy session to learn more about our pricing structures.

Do I Have to Keep on Paying for SEO?

Once we have achieved the desired goal (top rankings, increased website visitors/traffic, leads, etc.), we need to keep you there. It is almost like paying higher property tax when you move into a nicer area. Our SEO packages are month to month, but we suggest committing to at least 1 year with us. After that, we hope that you will see the value that we bring and will want to partner with us for the long run and continue investing with us for years to come!

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